Home Sweet Home

Little Hollow, book 0.5

When Elliott finds a young man eating scraps out of the bins in the alley behind his bakery, he knows he has to do something to help him. With Valentine's Day coming up and a spare bedroom in his flat, he offers the man a place to stay in exchange for help in the bakery. Elliott knows he shouldn't develop feelings for him, but as their friendship blossoms, it becomes more and more difficult to resist.

After spending several months living on the streets, Caleb doesn't expect his luck to change, until a kind stranger offers him the help he needs to get back on his feet. Falling for the wrong person has come between Caleb and an ideal living situation before, and he plans on doing everything he can not to let that happen again.

Home Sweet Home is an 11K word MM romance, and is a prequel to the first Little Hollow novel (coming soon).

This short is part of the Little Hollow series, but can be read as a standalone.

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Waiting for Them

Little Hollow, book 1

Matty isn’t truly over his first love, even ten years later. Caleb, the boy who stole his heart when he was a teenager, and then disappeared in the middle of the night. Over the years, Matty has imagined seeing Caleb again, but his fantasy reunion doesn’t quite go to plan when he turns up at Caleb’s bakery and meets Caleb’s husband, Elliott.


Elliott is thrilled Caleb is finally getting the opportunity to reunite with the family he walked away from a decade ago. He has always known deep down Caleb’s ex, Matty, and his lost-lost family would find him one day, but nothing could have prepared him for developing feelings for his husband’s ex-boyfriend.


Caleb has never dreamed that he’ll get a second chance with the family that once adopted him, so now that he has, he doesn’t want to risk losing them a second time. Although, when a relationship begins to form between Elliott, Matty, and him, it seems like it can only go one of two ways—he could lose everyone all over again, or finally get everything he’s ever wanted.


Waiting for Them is a 56K word MMM romance that includes second chances, a lost-long family, a small town, and cute animals.


This is the first book in the Little Hollow series, but can be read as a standalone.

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Book 2 is coming later in 2020!

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